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Zoroark the Outcast
Her name was Zoroark. She had been an outsider all of her life. She had stood within the boundaries of the Pokemon forest village.
"Well... It's only a matter of time before they drive me out of this village... So I shall live here."
That had been several months ago, when she had first entered the village. They hadn't chased her away, but the village Pokemon were wary. Rumors spread, including a rumor that she would abduct young Pokemon and slaughter them. Of course, this was untrue. Zoroark anticipated this, and many of the other situations that had come with it. When she walked by, Pokemon would stop their conversations, and watch nervously until she passed. The littler ones would run for cover, and those who could fly did. It was a judgment based on her appearance. Her sinister coloring and malign features were forever a taboo to the village. She, however, merely accepted it. At least she was able to stay. The only villager who waved away these "dangers" was a Kangaskhan who went by
:iconchildofaura:ChildofAura 88 73
Half-Dragon Solis, Chapter 61
Chapter Sixty-One: In Closing
His name was Isaac.
The human half of Half-Dragon Black had been in a coma for almost a year, and waking up as a half-dragon must have been a surreal experience for him. He seemed okay--distant, constantly confused, but somehow okay. We all edged around him. After all, he was still a half-dragon--Yrathain still occupied his body. Did Yrathain speak with him at all? Could he take control? We didn’t know.
So we did the worst possible thing we could, and isolated him.
The days that followed the battle were something of a blur. Charman was injured badly, but lived, after he received care. Most of us were eventually gathered in the Transit base: the last place I’d seen Patricia. The room where they’d done the procedure had a huge hole ripped out of the ceiling. They’d patched it up.
I found Elise out front, drinking coffee.
“Feels weird,” she commented as I sat down on the other chair. There was a little pati
:iconfiredragoneyes:Firedragoneyes 11 74
Half-Dragon Solis, Chapter 1
Chapter One - Crazy or Half-Dragon?
Right from the first day, being part dragon had never been pleasant. Oh, sure, it might seem like some fantasy geek's dream come true, but take it from me, the whole thing is much closer to a nightmare.
Let's see if I can explain this.
Friday night I was a regular, slightly pudgy guy, and by Saturday, I looked like a giant lizard on steroids. You know what? I hate scales. I hate them. They rub against each other all the time, whenever you move; it's almost like wearing chain mail. Except it's attached to your skin.
Oh, and then there was the actual dragon I'd merged with, who had a nasty habit of arguing with me inside my head.
This is a ridiculous mode of transportation was his current complaint, as I rode my bike down the street. Thankfully, being half dragon comes two-for-one with basic shapeshifting abilities, so I was able to revert mostly back to human form when I wanted. The bad news: I still had two plates of ar
:iconfiredragoneyes:Firedragoneyes 50 34
Life as a Dragon Chapter I
Chapter I: A Transformation
"Thank you and good night!" I said, sending the last costumer away.
I slumped on my chair and sighed. It had been a hell of a weekend. I worked nearly non-stop for two days and I was dead tired. Cashier life isn't as easy as one might think, particularly at this time of the year: Christmas. Fortunately, I was free to do whatever I wanted for the next two days, and I'd take the most advantage of it.
I snapped out of my thoughts and called my supervisor to end my working day. She arrived rather quickly, to my surprise. Looks like I wasn't the only one looking forward to a comfortable bed. She "bled" out the money on my pay-box, cashier jargon, and I quickly counted fifty Euros, the fund, for the next worker for the following day. We then proceeded to the vault and deposited everything there. Minor pleasantries and goodbyes exchanged, I went to the changing room to trade my uniform, which consisted on a white shirt, black trousers and steel toed shoes, along wi
:iconfa6ex:Fa6ex 72 11
Shattered Mind part 4

The following story may contain violence and strong language, young readers are advised not to repeat the swearing at home.
Note I do not own Jurassic park or its related canon.
Enjoy the story!

When the pack awoke the next day, I told the Alpha about the strange creatures that tried to get Murk last night. He seemed furious by the news and sniffed around the area I saw the creatures hiding.
Alpha must have found something as he then ordered us all to patrol the territory in groups of 2, with me being partnered to Murk once more.
“What where those things.. Last night?” I asked as he slowly strolled through the thick forest, casually pushing aside bushes and grass with our bulk.
Murk regarded me with those golden eyes before speaking.
“Night Hunters, attack while others sleep and drag prey away without a sound” she said in a bitter tone
:iconredlightningnod608:RedLightningNOD608 4 10
My Friend Dragon PT. 1
My name is William S. I was a tall teenager about 6' 3'' I used to do all the normal teenager did: I played xbox, hung out with friends, did my homework. My friend Gordon is the one who changed all that. He used to be 5' 6'' and now is about two and a half meters or 8' 1''.  Now I am dedicated to the pursuit of the Dagoe Genome project. My life has been a roller coaster ever since. This all happened last winter.
"Will this do?" asked my friend Gordon as he pulled another rock out of the snow.
"No that won't do." I replied as I search for more rocks in the snow. I was looking for the perfect rock to bring to science class for a geology project. Being me I like doing things over the top so that is why I am searching for the perfect rock and not settling with anything less. "Oh, shiny," I said as I lifted another rock out of the snow. "this one might be a keeper."
"You sure you want that rock? sure its sparkly and all..." Gordon asked as he pulls out a jagged one with small blac
:iconyksteldus:Yksteldus 32 17
Draconic Tales - Prologue
"Kate… Freno… is that really you?"
"Real as we'll ever get dude," Freno said slightly proud.

Before I go any further, let me back up.
My name is Jake. I live in a small town in California called Moorpark just north of Los Angeles. I'm your average third grader with light brown hair and stunning neon blue eyes. Anyone who knows me can tell I am a dragon fanatic. I read and read about dragons and at one point, was inclined to learn to speak draconic. That didn't actually turn out very well, but that's another story.
Kate and Freno are my two best friends. We met each other in kindergarten and stayed together since. We did everything together, we even liked the same thing as each other. Top of that list was dragons, for all of us. We were completely inseparable. But, things were about to change.

About an hour ago, our parents decided to hike through the forest that our backyard and we soon found a small meadow to rest at. My parents were setting up the traditional
:iconsturalke:Sturalke 31 28
Novus Vita - Chapter 1
It's a nice day outside. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and there's a slight breeze in the air. How's that for a clichéd, picturesque Spring day? It looks nice. Shame I'm stuck on the other side of the window I'm staring out of at school. At least this is the last class of the day and I can go soon. Just another 30 minutes of droning English left. I sighed.
My name is James. I'm 17 years old, brown hair, blue eyes, blah, blah, blah. I'm what you would call a stereotypical Australian high school student. At least for now. This is the last week of high school for me, ever. It's only Monday so there's still a bit I have to get through.
Thirty minutes passed slowly. Most of the time I just glanced at my notebook and tried to pay attention, which did not work because I'm so distracted by the classroom window and how beautiful the outside world appears through it. After I lost concentration, I looked up at the clock and tried to work again. This happened every minute until re
:icongiospy:GioSpy 42 27
A long Journey Intro
There I was, sitting in a plane and finally travelling to South America. A travel I had planned to do over a very long time. If I only had known what would happen on that flight.
I had chosen to take my two weeks of Easter holidays to visit South America, before the stress of the exams was about to begin. I normally use my holidays to travel to other countries, a habit I have from my parents who travel a lot too. One big goal of mine is to visit every continent at least once. South America and Australia were the two last continents I haven't visited so far and the decision where to travel to first fell on south America. Brazil to be more accurate. It took me some time to get all informations I needed and one rather nasty visit by my doctor, until everything was ready to go. I was excited to meet new people over there, take a ton of photos like always and enjoy the feeling to discover something new.
I checked in, after saying good by to my parents and used the time I had to wait to look
:iconrobinton:Robinton 13 20
The Story of how I Became a Dragon: Introduction
Introduction to this story:
Sometimes, you will realise that just because you have never seen something happen before doesn't mean that it's impossible, at first, we thought that the human being would never fly, that he would never go on the moon and that no human would ever reach the top of Mount Everest, culminating at around 8848 meters over the sea level. As history has shown, we were wrong. Now you may ask yourself if also dragons existed. As much as it seems impossible, people becoming dragons is something that happened many times, and if you don't believe me, just know that you're reading a story made by a guy named Tim and who manages to move on H2O. I'm sure you read many dragon transformation stories before this one on DeviantArt, probably written by guys like Ben300, well this is the story of how my dad, my friends and I joined the community of dragons on earth.
As much as I like this world's fauna, my favourite creature is still the mythical dragon, not to confuse with its
:icontimplazasta:TimPlazasta 9 17
    “So what’s the plan?” I asked the three younglings as we neared the arena floor.
    “I for one am planning on not getting hit even once.” Nick said.
    “Sounds like a plan.” I said with a chuckle when Wesson spoke up.
    “That’s the strategy you use in every game Nick, change it up a little. Like we all go in as a group and take them out one by one with all out guns at once.”
    “But then we would be one big target at the same time.” Hylais inserted.
    “Well let’s try that first then see what comes next. That sound like a plan to try at least” I said as we finally reached the entrance to the arena.
     Looking through the brick archway I saw that most of the obstacles were made of plywood and other such materials. Some of those consisting of 55 gall
:iconosmiumdragon:osmiumdragon 3 5
The Black Dragon Mask
The Black Dragon Mask
Jared is a sixteen years old teenager who lives in a suburb. In the past, he was a very happy and optimistic kid, and had an unbreakable bond with his best friend named,Zach. However, that all changed one day six months ago, when Zach went missing. The police found claw marks and tattered clothes in his room the day after his disappearance, but they have not found who Zach's killer was, or how Zach even disappeared. In the six months that followed, Jared became a shell of his old self, and has a face of a statue. Jared longs for the day where he can escape the harsh world of loneliness, and be back with Zach again. Quietly, he made a decision to buy a rope from an online website.
About week later, Jared received a package on his doorstep. There was a thunderstorm outside, and he was alone in his home. He put the package in his room and then went to the kitchen to make his last dinner. After he enjoyed his dinner, he went back to his room to open the package.
:iconjamesno26:jamesno26 16 9
I became a vulpix Chapter 01
"Time of death?"
"May 20th, 1:08."
That was today's date, right? Who were the people talking? Were there people in my room?
Wait, what? Death? I wasn't dead. What was going on?
Me eyes were open, but my vision was very blurry, especially on its periphery. Were my eyes damaged? I didn't seem to be able to move them. Trying to do something that would indicate that I was not dead, I realized that I could not move at all. It took me a few more seconds to notice that I was not actually breathing.
Dead? I was dead? What had happened? I had gone to bed but two hours ago, and I woke up... dead? Who were the people around me? Doctors and nurses? The ceiling above me was white, and what little I could see of the room I was in looked vaguely like a hospital.
My heart wasn't beating, but if it were, it would be breaking records. I felt incredibly nervous and scared. I couldn't move at all, but I needed to make some sort of sign to show the doctors I was awake and well alive. Maybe they could resta
:iconanshee-rose:Anshee-Rose 36 8
Without a Soul
Rise up from the darkness, straining to go on.
Will to breathe becoming less, self-loathing be gone.
They done nothing to help, only forcing their will on me
They demand and command, but they know not what they create
And it'll all come crashing down, I'll watch them writhe in my pain, diving down the darkness, alone I watch them drown, they say I'm the one insane, but they are the ones without a soul, they have no heart
To eat this bullet is too easy, I think I'll stick around awhile.
I'll survive among the sleazy as they sleep walk the dead mile.
:iconealdeth:Ealdeth 3 7
A Scarred Souls Reason to Live
No one sees me for how I am
No one sees the scars I have
They may see me as a man
They may see me as a writer
They may see the scars on my body
They just do not see my soul
My soul has more scars then my body
My heart is full of hole
Holes created by what I loss
The holes never close
The scars never go away
Those who see this do not understand
They do not understand how I survive
I survive by holding on to certain things
I keep on to my hopes and dreams
To be heard, to be seen
To keep going to see a place
The world I want to live in
:iconealdeth:Ealdeth 7 41
A Hollow Warrior
I have no heart, I have no hopes
I have no purpose, nor a life
I am on this earth for only one reason
To see the light, and cannot reach it
To be scarred, to be beaten
I am put on the front line with nothing
I have nothing to protect myself
I have nothing to fight with
Battle after battle I am scarred
The wound never are allowed to heal
I am constantly battered by wave after wave
My soul has been ripped out
The only thing I await at the start and at the end
Of every wave of attacks is that
This is the one battle that I cannot survive
The one battle where I will lose all
The one battle I can leave with no wound
The one battle I am sent home
The one battle I can leave behind me
The one battle to be my last
The one battle I am sent to heaven afterwards
:iconealdeth:Ealdeth 8 12


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